Happy 50th Randy

Hi I am Vicky Shearin, Owner of Shutteressence Boudoir and I have to start this blog off with saying a very happy birthday to the love of my life, my handsome husband who makes turning 50 look so good! I love you babe!! Thanks for being my muse sweetheart!

Boudoir is for EVERYBODY!!

When I came to my husband with the crazy idea to go to the studio and let me do a session for him, he did like he always does when I come to him with a wild and crazy idea and said "seriously?" with his crinkled forehead. But as always he went along with me because he loves me for my random acts of crazy ideas lol I was totally shocked at how well he did & how he didn't give me the "I can't believe you're making me do this" look for all the images. He was working it like any good model would work it! He was perfection!

Even men need what boudoir gives!

For the past 5 years I have been an all female boudoir studio, but the past year I have noticed an influx of inquiries from men. When I noticed the shift I put my mind in gear & reached out to educators who have long been shooting men and got to work learning. What I found was men need that same self love confidence boost that us women get from a boudoir session. And so starts my journey with intimate male photography. I'm a confidence giver, it's why I was put on this earth, why should I reserve that for only women? I mean just look at my husband!!! He doesn't have time for the gym or to eat some special diet, he gives all his time to this family. He doesn't do for himself, he does for me, our children and his grandchildren. What an incredible way to honor himself and if I wasn't the photog and received these images as a gift I would have melted in my chair & I would appreciate so much that he did that for me! Like I would never forget such a gift!!

sexy man

So calling all men!!!

Get your butts in my studio for yourself or as a gift!! Book that appointment!! You earned it!!
sexy man in tie
man lying on the floor