Am I too old to do a boudoir session?

The short answer is HELL NO! But, I like to talk too much to give you just the short answer lol

Hi I am Vicky Shearin, intimate portrait photographer at ShutterEssence Boudoir. I am here to tell you there is no age limits on boudoir besides being under age that is. There is no age limit on celebrating who you are, what you have overcome and just how sensual and beautiful you are as a woman! Boudoir is a bold statement that screams I love myself and I am perfect the way I am.

Celebrate you at all stages of life!

This beautiful client of mine you see in this blog has lived decades, she has seen good days and bad days and has lots of stories to be told. She came in nervous, and wanted too give her honey something special as a surprise. Little did she know, the session left her feeling special too! I am 49 myself so having clients in their 40s and 50s come into my studio warms my heart. We have unique challenges when it comes to feeling beautiful and sexy and I feel like I can relate wholeheartedly to those fears and challenges. When you book a session at Shutteressence Boudoir I promise you that you will feel the compassion and love for women that comes from my soul.