Boudoir Photographer becomes the client

Everyday Vicky gets behind the camera & makes women feel amazing. Vicky has been a boudoir photographer and owner of Shutteressence Boudoir since 2017. She has seen 100s of women come thru her doors, get pampered and empowered. She thought maybe it's her turn to feel the empowering experience of self love & body positivity. Just like most women Vicky struggles with self love. She has battled weight issues since battling thyroid cancer & hit the 50's birthdays. She needed to see herself differently so she can began to heal the self sabotage that has tortured her for the last 8 years. It's a story she has heard many times in her studio and all the brave women she has had for clients most definitely inspired her to do this for herself. Her husband has recently decided to pick the camera back up & was happy to be her photographer. Here are their results