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I often reach out to my clients and ask them how their experience was and if I can share their experience with other ladies that may be nervous about booking or whose nerves are getting them while they await the session date. Ms. K was such a joy to spend the day with. She was fun and very deserving of this experience for herself. You see we may be doing a shoot for as a gift, but honestly it is for ourselves. As women we are really hard on ourselves. Our own worst critic no doubt. A boudoir session at Shutteressence Boudoir is so much more than just sexy images for someone, it is about accepting ourselves the way we are and celebrating that. We often have blinders on and not able to see what others see, we only focus on what we hate about ourselves. That’s why when I get a testimonial like Ms. K’s I truly appreciate the opportunity to give what she received out of this journey to a deserving woman. It is about empowering one another. Strip away the judgements and comparisons with other women that is breed into us and lift her up so she can be the best she can be. Thank you Ms.K

What made you choose ShutterEssence Boudoir?

I was following on Instagram your site and on every picture you captured the natural and true essence of the women on it. I’m thinking.... they look real those women are real so why not try it myself ??

I was very nervous to even ask a question about it.... quote or anything mainly because I am very self conscious about my weight... tons of stretch marks from pregnancy and just not comfortable with my body. Then I just took an opportunity on a sale and went for it. Thinking that it’s going to be a trial , however I got super nervous and almost canceled at the last minute because “ how I was about to pose with this gigantic body ?” But i soon as I contacted Vicky and discussed details and info she made me feel so welcome and she keep it that way until the day that we meet. The studio was super nice !!! Every detail was covered. She helps you to pose , position body, head , hands so you can feel like a super model. Their is no judgment at all!! After completing the session within a couple of hours she text me a pic of my pictures and I was amazed. Is that me ??!!! I did this session thinking it’s just for me and Yes !!! I will treasure this experience forever . I was unable to keep it as a secret I did have to share it with closest friends and hubby. He loved it!!!! I am planning to take my best friend to Shutteressence Boudoir as soon she visits Texas. I will highly recommend Shutteressence Boudoir to every women out there. We are all beautiful and special, but sometimes we don’t see that in the mirror.... we need help from images to reassure your essence.

Thank you Vicky

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