Greenville texas boudoir

New Mom Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir is empowering! Women do boudoir for many reason. One of those reason is to feel beautiful and sensual again. That is what brings new moms to my door.

If you are a mom chances are you know what the ” New Mom Body Blues” are! When you look in the mirror you do not recognize the image staring back at you. You start to cry, because the old you is gone. You feel unattractive and can not imagine how your husband could ever be attracted to you again. With a beautiful new baby for 80% of woman also comes stretch marks, different body shape and loose skin.

But the truth is our husbands still adore us. Maybe even more for what we have gone through for our beautiful babies. Woman are programmed in a weird way. No matter how sexy our husband may think we are we do not believe them lol

This is one of the reason new moms come to me wanting to do a ShutterEssence Experience.. They come and say please make me sexy again. I hate my body now & I really want to feel beautiful again. That is exactly what Ms. J, one of my clients said to me. She pointed out all her flaws that she hated. So I asked her ok so I know your trouble areas lets try a body suit type lingerie, they are perfect for hiding “mom tummy”, some mesh lace because they hide flaws as well and I brought along a big comfy sweater to show her how sexy the simplest things can be. And the rest I can manage in posing. Just trust me, I got this! And wow did her session blow her husband away! The best part was for several days she thanked me for making her feel beautiful again and said that she was so glad she was fierce & went through with her session. This is why I encourage all woman to go for it, no matter your flaws. We all have some o la la hidden away.

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