Stitched Together With Good Intentions

Hi my name is Liz & was created as a mate for a beast, but I am my own woman and am seeking more in life than I was created for. Women should have the right to choose after all, I mean who wants to wake up to a rigid old monster every day with terrible communication skills? Not me!

I have an electrifying personality & my spare parts are from a beauty queen.

ShutterEssence Annual Halloween Shoot

Every year we get our creative kicks with a fun Halloween theme shoot. This year we did 2. This one is from our Bad Bitches of ShutterEssence Boudoir Shoot and we will be sharing a fun little blog for each of our 7 characters. We had the best time shooting this! We shot below the dam of Tawakoni Lake in Wills Point, Texas. I love shooting here because it has a real creepy, but beautiful vibe and the fishermen always get a kick when we show up in full costume or lingerie. I hope you enjoy the 4th in a series of characters!