ShutterEssence Boudoir Session

A session with ShutterEssence Boudoir starts right at the booking process.  Once you decide to book you will be taken to a questioneer that will allow me to get to know you just a bit.  Then in the next 24 hours you will receive a handy Prep & Lingerie Guide.  Then most have questions and can easily ask me via email, phone or text.  There are no silly questions and I am happy to help with all the details. 

On the day of your shoot you will arrive with clean dry hair and freshly cleaned face.  I will greet you & invite you to have a glass of wine, mimos or beverage.  Together we will go through your outfits and I will help you decide on which outfits with which sets.  I will then ask you to change into a robe (this will help minimize any skin lines your clothign has caused on the ride over) 

Now the pampering begins!  You will sip your wine while I pamper you with a makeover. This usually includes lots of laughs, no extra charge.   I do light hairstyling with loose curls or wave that is super sexy.  For your makeover I will use your personal foundation and the rest is complimentary right down to the glamorous lashes.  You will be set with a glamorous, sultry camera ready look. 

Now for the best part when you become a super model.  I will guide you from the top of your head to your tippy toes into flattering poses & even direct you to create the best expressions for beautiful and emotive rich images.  Now being a super modell is not all fun, to be a good super model you will get into some poses that feel silly and sometimes even feel more like a workout then having fun.  So when I am saying arch arch arch for the hundreth time don’t hate me. I promise you will thank me later!

1-2 weeks later you will receive a link to a protected online gallery of proofs.  You will select your images and products if you have not already.  You will be able to download low res images of all selected images right from your gallery.  If you have purchased Hi res you will be able to download those as well.  Then a week or 2 later you will get all your products to enjoy for years to come!

Boudoir East Texas