Why I chose boudoir photography | Vicky Shearin of ShutterEssence Boudoir

I feel like boudoir chose me. I had been a mom tog since 2012. Never considering pursuing photography as a career, as I already had 2 careers as a licensed insurance agent & SEO/Website management. But then in walks 2014! In 2014 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer & cancer (mostly thyroid issues) took a toll on me physically & mentally. I gained a significant amount of weight that has been a struggle to take off. I went into deep depression. I was on auto pilot for about 2 years thru multiple surgeries & radiation. Very dark days for me. I am tearing up just writing this blog. But it was thru this struggle of trying to be ok with this new me that I discovered Boudoir.

I discovered this movement, better known as boudoir. A movement to give women back their confidence, A journey to empower women to practice self love. Societies unreasonable & impossible standard of beauty has been cruel to women. I wanted to be empowered & take back my life. Bring back the vivacious happy woman I once was. So I embraced the movement 100%. I learned everything I could about the genre. I learned to take my camera off auto & hon my photography skills so I could give women what I needed for myself. It gave me life, it gave me purpose again.

My goal is to help women, no matter age, sexual orientation, body size, religion or race to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. To look past the insecurities and societies standards and discover the beautiful, magical, sensual women they were born to be. To give a safe space to discover their sexuality. And be a friend they can trust with their deepest insecurities so they can take the journey to self confidence and self love.