Once again Shutteressence Boudoir kills it with their Purge themed creative Halloween Photoshoot

Each client is responsible for their own creative character for all the annual themed photo sessions. Vicky just gives a theme & the clients run with it. They did not disappoint this time, nor do they ever. It gives a chance for us grownups to feel like a kid again. Everybody needs that child like energy now and then. This year was special as Vicky Shearin, SEB photographer & her daughter joined in on the fun and designed her own costume.

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Boudoir Inspired Halloween Photoshoot

Purge Halloween Costume
Halloween Costume
Purge costume
Purge Photoshoot
Creepy Photoshoot
The Purge Costume
Roller Derby Halloween
Creepy Bunny Costume
Sexy Purge Costume
Sexy Halloween Costume
creepy Photoshoot
Purge Photoshoot
Roller Derby Halloween Purge Photoshoot
Creepy Bunny From Purge Theme Costume Photoshoot
Creepy Glow in the dark mask costume for Purge Shoot