Rethinking that "New Years Resolution"

Lets make the negatives positive & really provoke change!

For many every year we make the same resolution. Lose weight or get fit. Millions of Americans are on the "Lose Weight Resolution" Train & the ONLY ones benefiting are the weight loss industry to the tune of $72 billion dollars! For at least 20 years that has been my yearly resolution. By February I have already forgotten the resolution or given up. This cycle creates even worse body image & eating issues. For someone like myself who struggles to move forward from a lifelong struggle with Body Dismorphic Disorder, Compulsive binge eating & thyroid issues this repeat of failure can do major damage & will never help in recovery.

So if you are tired of spinning the January 1st wheel of failure join me & changing that by choosing one of these body acceptance resolutions instead

Clean Up That Social Media

Stop following those bragging of their weight loss success with drastic before & after & body obsessed. You know the ones, the ones promoting their product of choice that made the weight disappear, You may think they are motivational, but I disagree. They encourage harmful comparisons of self, they promote body shaming & can potentially cause unhealthy diet habits.

Replace 1 Negative with 2 Positives

Every time you find yourself looking in the mirror or at a picture of yourself and saying or thinking something negative. Replace it with 2 positive affirmations about yourself. This one will take time to develop so just keep at it. Even if it is just I am worthy, or you got this.

Stop being a judging Karen!

If you practice this, experts say you will reteach your brain to stop judging even yourself. So next time you start to body shame someone find something positive, their hair, their smile, their happy personality, anything!

Small changes make big impact

Instead of saying I will never eat bread again (we all know you will) how about saying I am going to add a vegetable to every meal, I will drink a glass of water before each meal, I will try a new exercise each month, I will be mindful and journal everything I eat for 30 days. These kind of goals can quickly grow to more & more success by giving you positive energy & self esteem each time you complete something new

Find your inner fashion diva

Don't wait to lose 50 lbs to feel amazing in your clothes. Make an effort to find your best colors, best fit. Everyones body is shaped different so we each have our own style that works best for us. However, If you love it wear it!! Mute societies standards of what we are suppose to wear! Wear what makes you feel great and expresses your unique personality

Try something new

Make a resolution to step outside your box & try new things. New foods, new clothing, new hobbies, new places, anything you think you would not be good at. Those of us that obsess over our weight are often perfectionist so exposing ourselves to the scary or uncomfortable can often times decrease anxiety of it.

Take care of yourself

Vow to try new beauty products or trying yoga or meditation. Commit to take time out for yourself. To pamper yourself. Like Tuesday mineral soak night or once a month massage. We get so busy being busy we neglect our inner soul. Commit to stop that!

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